Author: David Servias


Rules for Piano Teachers, Part I

Some of these rules might surprise you, maybe. I’m not really sure. But they come out from my 30 years of experience teaching people how to play piano. The first rule should probably be “don’t listen to someone just because they say they have 30 years of experience.” Rule #1: Encourage your students to disobeyRead More


How Get Started Composing Music

Lately I’ve been doing more composing and more improvising. I haven’t done a lot of composing in the past, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. There is one thing that’s been holding me back, and is that I’ve been afraid I might write music that sucks. I used to tell myself things likeRead More


What About Performance Anxiety?

When you play music for other people, you are afraid that it won’t go as you planned, and you will feel pain and embarrassment. You’re afraid that people will think less of you. That’s a valid fear, because some people WILL think less of you, and that could be bad, especially if you’re a professionalRead More

Practice Tips

Nine Practice Tips (a rough draft):

Here are nine ideas off the top of my head you can use to make your practicing more productive and satisfying: Practice music and skills that genuinely interest you. Think of practice as problem solving (as opposed to repetition). Don’t force yourself to practice if you are tired or tense, because being tense at theRead More